Team Critical Hit Attacks PAX East 2020

Posted by on February 11, 2020

Who decided PAX East should be at the end of February this year? I mean, I'm all for it not hitting Easter Weekend, but this is just crazy. Nevertheless, the TCH team will be there in Beantown in full force with a slew of our clients showing off their goods at PAX.

Enplex Games and Population Zero

Population Zero is an ambitious blend online sci fi game with huge emphasis on exploration of a distant alien planet that brings back memories of the Golden Era of science-fiction. Like Arthur Clarke, Clifford Simak and Robert Heinlein did over seven decades ago, we invite our players to discover a truly unearthly world - Kepler - learn its mysteries, and survive its unwelcoming environment. 

Schiit Audio's Hel and Fulla Amps

Schiit has made a name for itself in audiophile circles for years as a fine purveyor of amps and this year they're taking PAX by storm to show off the gaming-centric Hel  and Fulla amps. We're stoked to be showing off these devices at the show, and trust us... the only thing Schiity about them is the

Antlion Audio's ModMics

Antlion is the king of clarity when it comes to microphones, as their detachable boom known as the ModMic can turn any high quality headset into an instantly crisp and clear gaming headset. Joe Lieberman from Antlion will be on-hand at the show, taking appointments, talking up their next big thing, and giving out ModMics to all appointments. 

Neowiz's Metal Unit and Skul: The Hero Slayer

Last, but certainly not least, our friends at Neowiz are bringing two of the best damn roguelites of the year to Boston in the form of Metal Unit and Skul: The Hero Slayer. They'll be at booth 23071 giving out merch and taking down bad guys - so be sure to stop by!

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