Team Critical Hit at PAX West 2019

Posted by on August 26, 2019

It feels like it was just yesterday that Garrett and I were at the PAX Investment Summit in Boston for PAX East, but five months have flown by in a blink and we're already getting set to do it again at PAX West in Seattle.

If you're not familiar, the Investment Summit is a new initiative from the Reed Expo guys,, and sponsored by Xsolla - a chance for publishers of all sizes to meet with independent studios of all shapes to see if they can find something to work together on. The first half of the day is going to be filled with keynote speakers from the likes of Valve, Gearbox, Epic Games, and more. The second half of the day is like Speed Dating for devs and publishers - 15 minute meetings where you talk about games and how or if you can find a way to work with them.

Myself, I'll be sitting on the board for Neowiz, where I run PR for their Western division, while Garrett will be floating around like a hummingbird making sure everything goes smoothly, as he helped to organize the thing.

In short, while everyone looks forward to Friday and the beginning of the show floor hours, I'm just excited to see a bunch of in-development new games and see if we can help some of them come to life. Shout at us if you see us!

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