About the Team

Team Critical Hit brings a wealth of experience to the table that is unlike any other in the PR industry. Our members have worked in games media for a combined total of over 50 years. Now we're bringing our unique knowledge to the "other side" of the table.

Our resources are second to none and we can ensure that the good word about your project gets out there and we'll do so in a way to fit any budget.

  • WM

    William Murphy

    Co-Founder, Actual Ninja

    Born and bred in Ohio, Bill has spent the last fifteen years in the games industry - first as press and a community manager, and now as a Public Relations and Influencer Management specialist. His favorite game of all time is a tie between Ultima VII and World of Warcraft, and he's the sole owner of a Twitter meme about not having enough time to game as an adult, which means you know he will work for you tirelessly, am I right?

  • GF

    Garrett Fuller

    Co-Founder, B2B Ninja

    Grew up and still living in New Jersey, Garrett joined the game industry despite several mafia offers. After working as a journalist for a few years he moved into Industry Relations to help connect developers and publishers. Over a decade of efforts between he and Bill Murphy have lead to Team Critical Hit's vast network of professionals and partners. When he is not playing WoW Classic, and you have a problem, he just may know a guy...

  • RL

    Robert Lashley

    PR Ninja

    Robert grew up in the Midwest, became a Marine, traveled the world, then settled back down in Missouri to raise his family. Trained as an internal auditor dedication and attention to detail are in his blood. A lifelong gamer Robert's been professionally involved in the gaming industry for the past 7 years hosting live streams for the biggest brands, developing tabletop RPGs, generating bylines for numerous websites, and helping developers find the fun in their games. You'll never be able to convince him that Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is not a great game.

  • SF

    Suzie Ford

    PR Ninja

    Suzie is an Arizona native and has been involved in the games industry since 2004. She has worked as a journalist for the Warcry Network, RPGDot, and Guild Wars Guru up to her most recent work at MMORPG.com where she was the Associate Editor for just over 10 years. She is a fan of RPGs and MMOs and can often be found somewhere in Azeroth or the Milky Way.

  • MB

    Michael Bitton

    Community & Social Media Specialist

    Hailing from New York City, Mike has worked in the game industry since joining the WarCry Network in 2005. His love for online games brought him to MMORPG.com in 2009, where he continued his work as a game journalist and community manager. Find him burning the midnight oil in Civilization VI as he struggles to break "one more turn" syndrome.

  • EW

    Evan Wilkinson

    Media Specialist

    With over 20 years experience with a broad range of clients from television broadcast, branding companies, airlines, health organizations, startups and many game companies, Evan applies that knowledge to new clients in the form of consultations, suggestion, review, design and deployments. Evan currently dedicates a majority of his time building tools and SaaS deployments to help clients be productive. Evan lives in Canada with his family.

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